General Meeting minutes – April 16 2018

Minutes of the Ocean Grove Barwon Heads RSL Sub-Branch General Meeting
Held at the Ocean Grove Bowling Club on 16 April 2018

The Chairman declared the meeting open at 1400hrs.
Silent Tribute. In accordance with tradition, the Chairman asked that all those present to stand for the Ode and a minute’s silence in honour of those who had fallen in the service of their country or who had passed away since
43 Members present (recorded in Attendance Register).
10 Members (recorded in Absent Register).
Previous Minutes. David Gilroy summarised the Minutes of the previous General meeting.
Business Arising from the Previous Minutes. Nil
Treasurer’s Report.
The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by D. Gilroy and seconded by W. Gee. Carried.

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In the absence of the Welfare Officer the Welfare report was presented by P. Cail who noted that the total hours expended by the welfare team during April was 102.7hrs. Additionally, the welfare team had conducted 36 visits to aged care facilities, 18 visits to homes and 4 hospital visits.
D. Wilkinson reported that all the ANZAC Day appeal five major selling points boxes had been stocked and were ready for distribution. Cash floats for these were also available. L. Woller advised that volunteers selling from the TAC site would have access to free parking in the TAC building underground carpark.
Appeals Roster. Peter Cail advised that the ANZAC Day had all been filled. He requested that he be advised by e-mail of any changes to the rosters as they arose because of “no-shows” or replacement. This would ensure accurate recording of hours on Better Impact. He added that a total of 174 volunteers were registered on Better Impact but not all of these were involved in the ANZAC Day Appeal. His report concluded with a request that volunteers to fill short notice roster vacancies should see him after the meeting.

The Secretary advised that the timings for the various ANZAC Day services:
Ocean Grove Dawn Service: Assembly 0600hrs, commence 0615hrs.
Barwon Heads ANZAC Day Service: Assembly 0845hrs, march to commence at 0900hrs.
Ocean Grove ANZAC Day Service: Assembly 0945hrs, march to commence at 1000hrs.
Public Relations. Nil report
Report Acceptance. Acceptance of the reports was moved by D. Wilkinson and seconded by L. Woller. Carried.
New Business.
Book “Best We Forget” by B. Clancy. Gilroy advised that Bernard Clancy’s had donated several copies of his book “Best We Forget” for distribution to the membership. The books had been signed by the author. Once a book had been read it should be returned to the Secretary for distribution to another interested member.

Kokoda Youth Program. Gilroy announce that permission had been received from the State Branch Chief Finance Officer to pay the $6,000 for the Kokoda Youth Program from welfare funds providing the Sub-Branch was satisfied the recipient was related to a veteran.
Replacement ANZAC Appeal Stocks. Wilkinson asked that requests for additional ANZAC Day Appeal stocks be referred to himself or K. Arnott who would arrange their distribution. He also mentioned that stocks of some items such as wristbands and luggage tags were being discontinued and would therefore not be available. Some of the new lapel badges such as the $50 Nurses badge and $30 Battle of Beersheba badge were in short supply and may not be available. However, previous years stocks were being substituted.
The raffle takins totalled $154 and $77 was won by R. Smith.

Next Meeting. The next General meeting for Monday 21 May 2018 commencing at 1400hrs.
There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 1428hrs.

Chairman K Arnott   A/Minute Secretary J. Wheal