Minutes of the Ocean Grove Barwon Heads RSL Sub-Branch General Meeting
Held at the Ocean Grove Bowling Club on 18 June 2018

Opening. The Chairman declared the meeting open at 1400hrs.
Present. 32 Members present (recorded in Attendance Register)
Apologies. 13 Members (recorded in Attendance Register)
Previous Minutes. David Gilroy covered the main points from the previous minutes.
Moved: Graham Fisher Seconded: Brad Clark
 Business Arising from the Previous Minutes. Nil
 Treasurer’s Report.
A copy of the Treasurer’s Report for May is at Annex A.
Moved: David Gilroy Seconded: Keith Hankin
ANAMCara Giving Appeal
Peace Keepers Letter to Senator Burston
Saffron Aid – 75th Commemoration of Thai-Burma Railway
VVAA (Vic Branch) Memorial Service to be held at Shrine of Remembrance on 18 August
RSL (Vic) State Executive Minutes – Patriotic Fund
RSL (Vic) State Executive Minutes – Management
RSL (Vic) State Executive Minutes – General DVA
RSL (Vic) New Membership Badges and Cards
 Out. Membership Badges and Cards to members
 President. The Acting President, John Dickinson, advised that membership stood at 204.
He also welcomed the new members.
 Welfare. Lola noted the Welfare team had seen 81 clients in Aged Care Facilities and conducted 45
home and 16 hospital visits during May.
Appeals. Nil Report.
Ceremonial. Brad Clark advised the ceremony for Vietnam Veterans Day on 18 August had been
brought forward to 11 am instead of the usual start of 1542 as it was being held on a Saturday. Brad
also advised that emails had been sent to the Re-enactment Society asking for support on
Remembrance Day noting that it was getting more difficult to get support from Defence.
Public Relations. John Dickinson advised the damage to signage on the Rail Trail had been repaired.
John also met with Council Representatives to discuss future security arrangements with consideration
of a security camera being installed. John also advised that a Newsletter would be published quarterly
and invited input from the membership.
Pensions. Bob Scott iterated that the Quarterly Newsletter would also be a good forum for publishing
DVA information. Bob also advised that the Surf Coast Veterans Centre had moved to Griffiths Road,
Grovedale (behind the church).
Report Acceptance. Acceptance of the reports was moved by T. Wheal and seconded by Graham Fisher.
New Business.
RSL Remembrance Day Bowls. Keith Hankin spoke in support of an RSL Bowls afternoon to be
held in the afternoon of 11 Nov and named the “RSL Remembrance Day Open Event”. This support
would consist of prize money and assistance for catering to the value of $300. OGBC are still to
confirm acceptance of this proposal.

Younger Veterans Sub-Committee. David Gilroy advised that Richard Lewis had volunteered to
head a sub-committee with the intention of making contact with younger veterans on the Bellarine.
Brad Clark had agreed to join the sub-committee. There would be no overt encouragement for them to
join the RSL but at least make them aware of what the RSL can provide.

Honorariums. David Gilroy advised that a change at State Level meant that Honorariums at subbranch
level would need to be recommended by the Committee and approved at a General Meeting.
Sub-branch honorariums had been paid to the Secretary and Treasurer at the rate of $750pa, however,
no honorariums had been paid in the last 18 months. A motion would be put forward at the July
General Meeting.
Guest Speaker. Mr Graham Robin was in attendance and provided a talk on “The Bigger Things in
Life” on closure of the meeting.
Next Meeting. The next General meeting for Monday 16 July 2018 commencing at 1400hrs.
Closure. There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 1422hrs.

Chairman                    Minute Secretary
J. Dickinson                        R. Lewis