Minutes of the Ocean Grove Barwon Heads RSL Sub-Branch General Meeting
Held at the Ocean Grove Bowling Club on 21 May 2018
The Chairman declared the meeting open at 1400hrs.

Silent Tribute. In accordance with tradition, the Chairman asked that all those present to stand for the Ode and a minute’s silence in honour of those who had fallen in the service of their country or who had passed away since.
25 Members present (recorded in Attendance Register).
13 Members (recorded in Attendance Register).
Previous Minutes. David Gilroy summarized the Minutes of the previous General meeting. Acceptance of the Minutes was carried on a motion by P. Cail, seconded by M. Barry.
Business Arising from the Previous Minutes. Nil
Treasurer’s Report.
The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by G Fisher and seconded by K. Hankin. Carried.
Friends of the Bellarine Rail Trail letter reporting vandalism to signage.
Friends of the Bellarine Rail Trail letter of thanks for donation.
RSL ANZAC Appeal Stocktake.
Draft RSL Policy – “Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality”
RSL Circular 16/18 – 2018 State Election Reminder.
RSL Minutes State Trustee 22 Mar 18.
RSL Minutes State Committee of Management
RSL Minutes State Trustee Patriotic Funds.
RSL Certificates of Appreciation for Appeals Volunteers.
State Executive Ballot Papers.

Letter of Thanks to CEO Transport Accident Commission.
Letter of Thanks to Ocean Grove ANZAC Day Ceremony Guest Speaker.
Letter of Thanks to National View General Manager.
Letter of Thanks to View President.
Reply to Marsh Advantage Insurance.
Return of State Executive Ballot Papers.

In the Welfare Officer’s absence, P. Cail advised the welfare team had conducted 76 visits to aged care facilities, 35 visits to homes and 7 visits to hospitalised patients. During April, Welfare volunteers had assisted a veteran to arrange respite care for his wife and had donated an electric wheelchair and motorised scooter to Geelong RSL who were in need of this equipment. They had also provided a wheelchair to a Clifton Springs veteran
David Wilkinson reported the ANZAC Appeal sales had gone well with a total of $22,607.65 raised to be remitted to ANZAC House.
The post ANZAC Day stocktake had been completed and returned to ANZAC House. He anticipated a list of stock to be returned to the warehouse for refurbishment would be released soon
Appeals Roster
Peter Cail advised that from his point of view the appeals roster had worked well. This was perhaps because more volunteers were getting familiar with Better Impact. He stated the total hours registered on Better Impact during April was 736.25 hours, 44% of which was attributable to the ANZAC Day Appeal.
Brad Clark advised both the Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads ANZAC Day appeared to have gone well. He also stated that since Vietnam Veterans’ Day (18 August) falls on a Saturday the decision had been taken to commence the service at 1100hrs.
The Secretary advised that guest speakers were required for both Viet Nam Veterans day and Remembrance Day. If possible, the Viet Nam Veterans Day speaker would be an ex-service person who had taken part in the Battle of Coral/Balmoral since this year is the 50th anniversary of that battle.
Public Relations. Dickinson reported on the damage to the Rail Trail signage which had apparently occurred on ANZAC Day. The Committee agreed to repair the damage and to explore means of making the area less likely to be vandalised.
Pensions  Nil report.
Report Acceptance. Acceptance of the reports was moved by G. Fisher and seconded by D. Gilroy. Carried.

New Business.
Christmas Lunch Organiser
David Gilroy advised that Denise Milich, who had organised the Christmas function for the Sub-Branch for some years, has decided to resign. A replacement for Denise would be sought from amongst the membership. The meeting expressed its sincere thanks to Denise for her fine work over the last few years.
The raffle takings totalled $100 and $50 was won by L. Rose-Harmer.

Next Meeting.
The next General meeting for Monday 18 June 2018 commencing at 1400hrs.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 1432hrs.

Kel Arnott                                                                                                              Tony. Wheal
Chairman                                                                                                         A/Minute Secretary