Minutes of the Ocean Grove Barwon Heads RSL Sub-Branch General Meeting
Held at the Ocean Grove Bowling Club on 16 July 2018
The Chairman declared the meeting open at 1400hrs.
Present. 29 Members present (recorded in Attendance Register)
Apologies. 17 Members (recorded in Attendance Register)
Previous Minutes. David Gilroy covered the main points from the previous minutes.
Moved: Graham Fisher Seconded: Bob Scott Carried
Business Arising from the Previous Minutes. Nil
Treasurer’s Report. Nil Report. The Treasurer is travelling interstate and was an apology for this
In. Shrine Activities– next 6 months
Vietnam Vets Geelong – Invitation to President
Geelong Legacy – Sale Times
Member Emails
Out. Secretary Response to Member Emails
President. The President advised there were no new members in the past month.
Welfare. Lola noted the Welfare team had seen 14 clients in Aged Care Facilities and conducted 36
home and 2 hospital visits during June.
Appeals and Appeals Roster. The rosters for Remembrance Day have been prepared and will be sent
out in September. The Roster period is 02-10 Nov.
Ceremonial. The Geelong Re-enactment Society has agreed to help out on Remembrance Day at a
cost of $200. More detail to follow.
Membership. The current Sub-Branch membership stands at 201.
Public Relations. John Dickinson advised a documentary had been broadcast on SBS (Insight)
covering the hardships that Veterans were experiencing when leaving the ADF. Well worth watching.
John will send a link to members.
Pensions. Bob advised that all outstanding files were out of the way pending his absence and that
Tony Woolley would still be available to contact at the Surf Coast Veterans Centre. Bob also advised
that Kristen Dillon is understudying as a Pensions Officer and was being mentored by Tony.
Report Acceptance. Acceptance of the reports was moved by M. Barry and seconded by D.
Wilkinson Carried.
New Business
Legacy Week. D. Gilroy advised Legacy were seeking assistance over the period 3 – 9 Sep. Sales
periods would be Mon-Fri from1000 to 1600 and Sat 1000-1200. Interested members to consult with
L. Fisher after the meeting.
Remembrance Day Bowls Tournament. D. Gilroy advised that the Bowling Club had agreed to a
Bowls Tournament on the afternoon of 11 Nov 18. A draft flyer had been prepared.
Honorariums. David provided some background on the payment of Honorariums and advised the
Committee had agreed to pay honorariums of $750 to the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary
Treasurer for FY 17/18 and this amount be set for FY 18/19. Agreement was sought from the general
membership. Moved: D. Gilroy Seconded: R. Lewis Carried.
Hub Meeting. J.Dickinson advised his attendance at the Regional Hub Meeting noting the focus on
younger veterans with reference to both RSL Connect and RSL Active.
RSL State Conference. D. Gilroy provided some background with regard to the attendance of the
Australian and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) at the recent RSL State Conference. He advised
that compliance requirements were being reviewed at State level and these would filter down to the
Sub-Branches. The Minister for Veterans Affairs and the Secretary of the Department of Veteran’s
Affairs provided positive news on where the Department was heading with a focus on the Veteran.
The State Secretary, Brig Mike Annett outlined the 2020 Strategic Plan which would focus on
Regional support particularly to younger veterans.
Friends of the Rail Trail. J. Dickinson asked who was the Point of Contact for the Bellarine Rail
Vietnam Veterans Day. A memorial service will be held at the Cenotaph at 1100 on 18 August 2018.
Ed Corless – Recognition as Community Member. Mention was made of Ed Corless’s recent
passing and his valuable contribution as the OGBH RSL Sub-Branch Community Member for over ten
years. He will be sadly missed.
Next Meeting. The next General meeting is scheduled for Monday 20 August 2018 commencing at
Closure. There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 1426hrs.
Guest Speaker Mr Robert Scott then provided a presentation on his experiences in providing Leadership and
Development Training at the Ok Tedi Mine in Papua New Guinea. The presentation was very well received.
J. Dickinson            R. Lewis
Chairman           Minute Secretary

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