Minutes of the Ocean Grove Barwon Heads RSL Sub-Branch General Meeting
Held at the Ocean Grove Bowling Club On 20 August 2018
The Chairman declared the meeting open at 1400hrs.
Present 28 members  Apologies16 members
Previous Minutes. D. Gilroy outlined the major points from the previous minutes
Business Arising from the Previous Minutes. Nil

Marsh Insurance – Completed.
Card – Re-Appreciation – Ed Corless Family
Thank You ANAM CARA Donation
Invite to Opening of Men’s Shed on 31Aug18
Letter from Minister VA Re Armistrice Grant
Invite to Queenscliff Historical Museum Talk
Better Hearing Aust. –Offer of Talk
Marsh Insurance Payment
Acceptance of Armistice Grant
Accept Legacy Week Invite
Remembrance Day Letters – Invitation to Council, State and Federal MPs

President’s Report. D.Gilroy advised that Membership stood at 201 with one new member.
Treasurer’s Report. A copy of the Treasurer’s Report for July was provided.
Welfare Report
A copy of the Welfare Report from Better Impact for the period 13 Jul—17 Aug was tabled by L. Fisher and is attached. There were a total of 184 clients with 5 hospital visits
Legacy Roster. The Legacy Roster is now filled but there are no Reserves. Appeal made for members to volunteer as a Reserve for the Roster period. OGBH Sub-Branch will be manning the stall from Mon 3rd to Thu

Appeals & Rosters. Rosters for Remembrance Day will start to be formulated in the first week of September

Ceremonial:Approximately 50 people attended the Vietnam Veteran’s Day Service. There was no clash with the Farmer’s Market being held concurrently.
New Business.
Younger Veterans. Richard Lewis provided a list of outcomes from the meeting held by the Younger Veterans Sub-Committee.
Outcome 1 – Sub-Committee agreement to hold a Barefoot Bowls day for Younger Veterans and their families on either 18 or 25 Nov. The Executive agreed in principle but would like a breakdown of expected costs. R. Lewis and S. Payne to meet with the OGBC to ascertain this detail. Additional budget will also be required for advertising.
Outcome 2 – Sub-Committee agreement to employ a paid Part Time Event Coordinator. The Executive agreed in principle but would like further detail on the duties and expected cost (hours and hourly rate). Note: S. Payne has volunteered to take up this paid position.
Outcome 3 – Sub-Committee agreement to use Social Media and local Newspaper to promote the Barefoot Bowls day. J. Dickinson to investigate a Facebook Page for the OGBH Sub-Branch and opportunity to promote the event via an article in the ‘The Voice’. R. Lewis to investigate option of advertising the event on RSL Connect Facebook Page and through the RSL Active Program.
Outcome 4 – Sub-Committee agreement for B. Clancy to investigate holding a Guest Speaker Night for Younger Veterans with the suggested guest speakers being Stephen Wells and Patrick Dangerfield. Executive agreed in principle but noted the event would be a better fit in 2019.
Outcome 5- Sub-Committee agreement to have a way ahead beyond the Barefoot Bowls Day. Suggested activities were: Coffee Mornings, Range Shoot, BBQ, RSL Active Water Based Program and Indoor Bowls. Executive agreed to proceed with the planning of a Coffee Morning(s).
Outcome 6- Sub-Committee agreement to consider holding a Xmas Lunch at Adventure Park or the like for Younger Veterans and their families. Executive noted the short time to Xmas and suggested that any investigation should be based around Xmas 2019.
Outcome 7- Sub-Committee agreement on a donation for the purchase of a Companion Therapy Dog through the Defence Bank Foundation. Expected cost could be as high as $7,500. Lewis and B. Clarke to ascertain total cost.  Executive agreed in principle but would like to know the full cost before endorsement. Suggestion that recipient should be located in Area 8a.

Armistice Grant. David Gilroy advised the Armistice Grant had been approved and a total of $13,637 would be provided. This was well below the amount request ($20k).  Additional funding would be sought from Council. The funds will be used for a Memorial Wall behind the Cenotaph and will contain the names of those who gave their lives and enlisted from Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads.

Remembrance Day. Gilroy noted that the State Elections are being held in November and this may impact attendance by local MPs.

Guest Speaker. Mr Ian Rouse was in attendance and provided a talk on ‘Powers of Attorney’ and ‘Wills’ on closure of the meeting

Next Meeting. The next Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday 17 September 2018 commencing at 1400hrs.
There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 1424hrs.
D. Gilroy                                                                         R. Lewis
Chairman                                                                   Minute Secretary