Minutes of the General Monthly Meeting held in Function Room 1
Ocean Grove Bowling Club on Mon 15 October 2018.
1. Opening: The Chairman opened the meeting at 1400 hrs.
2. Present: There were 27 members. Apologies: 9 members
3. Silent tribute: observed by all present
4. Previous Minutes: an outline was presented by the Secretary
5. Business arising: an update was provided on the Research program and the Honour Wall.
6. It was noted that Brendan Lloyd had been converted to a Service member.
Moved –W. Gee Seconded – J. Wheal
7. Correspondence: as listed in the Committee Minutes 12 Oct 18
8. Reports:
a. Treasurer’s: a copy of the report was provided and the Treasurer pointed out the salient issues. There were no questions.
b. Welfare: Nil report. Welfare Officer an apology
c. Appeals: David Wilkinson provided an update on the stock and status for Remembrance Day appeal. There will be a shortage of the new $30 special poppy. Overall an attractive new array of merchandise with the knitted $10 a standout. The DVA posters for this year are also much improved. Boxes will be commenced this week.
d. Appeal Rosters: Peter Cail was happy to announce that apart from 1 vacancy the rosters were full. He thanked all volunteers and the View Club ladies.
e. Ceremonial: in the absence of the Ceremonial Office, the Secretary provided the outline and timings for Services on Sun 11 Nov at 1045 hrs for both Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads.
f. PR: no report
g. Pensions: Bob Scott was welcomed back. Kirsten Dillon reported she was halfway thru her Pension course.
9. New Business: the very poor attendance at the VV Day was mentioned. An update on the barefoot bowls day for young veterans on 18 Nov was provided and the President briefed the meeting on the Xmas Luncheon on Fri 7 Dec.
Reports accepted: Moved-M. Barry Seconded – K. Hankin
The raffle was drawn and initially won by Heather Schofflen, who generously asked for a redraw which was won by Kristen Dillon at $53
10. Next Meeting: will be on Mon 19 Nov at 2pm.
11. The meeting was closed at 1430. We had a most entertaining address from Phillip Edwards on hiking across the UK from the Irish Sea to the North Sea.