Minutes of the Ocean Grove Barwon Heads RSL Sub-Branch General Meeting
Held at the Ocean Grove Bowling Club On 17 September 2018
1. Opening. The Chairman declared the meeting open at 1400hrs.
2. Present. 28 members
3. Apologies. 8 members
4. Previous Minutes. D. Gilroy outlined the major points from the previous minutes.
Moved: Keith Hankin Seconded: Wally Gee
5. Business Arising from the Previous Minutes. Nil.
6. Correspondence.
a. In.
1. RSL Letter re Australian War Memorial Las Post Ceremony. David advised that OGBH will
donate $250 this year.
2. RSL Email re Marsh Insurance
b. Out.
7. Reports.
a. President’s Report. K. Arnott advised Membership stood at 201.
b. Treasurer’s Report. A copy of the Treasurer’s Report for July was provided.
c. Welfare. A copy of the Welfare Report from Better Impact for the period 17 Aug – 13 Sep is
attached. Tony Wheal spoke on behalf of Lola Fisher and advised that the welfare team had
conducted 87 visits to aged care facilities, 35 home visits and 7 hospital visits. Tony also reported that
a wheelchair previously allocated to a veteran had been returned and one walker had been provided to
a veteran. It was also noted that the guest speaker for the October General Meeting would be Phil
d. Appeals. D. Wilkinson reported the order for Remembrance Day Appeal merchandise had been
submitted. David reported there would be a total of 21 tins & boxes provided to cater for the
schools (5), nursing homes (3) and council sites (6). David also advised the Sub-Branch had submitted
paperwork for the temporary hire of three EFTPOS terminals which would be allocated to the
APCO, Woolworths and Pharmacy sites. At this stage it was known that at least one terminal would
be fee free and bank staff were checking on the status of the others. The observation was made on the
amount of donations that were missed during Legacy week as patrons only had cards and therefore
could not make a donation or purchase merchandise.
e. Ceremonial. Approximately 50 people attended the Vietnam Veteran’s Day Service. There was no
clash with the Farmer’s Market being held concurrently.
f. Appeals Roster. P. Cail advised that selling for the Remembrance Day appeal will commence on
Saturday 3 November and continue until 10 November. The Roster Sheets for the Appeal are attached.
He further advised the Better Impact rostering pages would be open in the last week of September and
members without email would receive a hand delivered letter. Names will also be taken at the next
General Meeting.
g. Public Relations. Nil to Report.
h. Pensions. Nil to Report – Member absent.
Reports Accepted. Moved: Walter George Seconded: John Dickinson
8. New Business.
a. Memorial Wall. David Gilroy and John Dickinson gave an update on the new memorial wall and the
Honour Roll. John advised on the difficulty and time taken to undertake this research noting the restricted
access to records from World War II onwards.
b. Rosemary Plants. Brendan Lloyd advised that the City of Greater Geelong would have Rosemary
Plants in locations for Remembrance Day.
9. Next Meeting. The next Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday 15 October 2018 commencing
at 1400hrs.
10. Closure. There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 1430hrs.
K. Arnott                                    R. Lewis
Chairman                             Minute Secretary