Minutes of the Ocean Grove Barwon Heads RSL Sub-Branch General Meeting
Held at the Ocean Grove Bowling Club On 15 April 2019

  1. Opening. The Chairman declared the meeting open at 1402rs.
  2. Present. 35 members and committee
  3. Apologies. Seven apologies.
  4. Previous Minutes. The previous minutes were accepted on a motion by J. Dickinson and seconded by G. Fisher.
  5. Business Arising from the Previous Minutes.  
  6. Memorial Wall.  John Dickinson reported the main wall containing the WWI and WWII names was in place and had been well received by all who had seen it. An interview and photographic opportunity with The Voice had been conducted and the article would appear in that publication during the week of 23 April 2019. Any additional names found to be missing from the wall are to be forwarded to J. Dickinson. If possible, the full name and service number should be forwarded. A vote of thanks to John Dickinson and Martin Klabbers for the research of the names was moved by M. Barry and seconded by K. Hankin. Carried.
  7. Treasurer’s Report.  The Treasurer delivered a verbal report for March indicating the various account balances and detailing major income and expense items for the month.

Moved:  T. Wheal                                                                 Seconded: R. Scott      Carried

  • Correspondence.
  • In.
  • 1.       Kevin Egan Letter – Invitation to attend the Waurn Ponds Memorial Reserve Centenniel Commemorative Service on 7 July 2019.
  • 2.       RSL Women’s Council of Victoria – Request for Donation – Australian Military Dog Handler Competition 2019.
  • 3.       Victoria Police – Statement for Period Ended 04 Apr 19.
  • 4.       Parcel – Framed 50 Year Certificate of Service.
  • 5.       Salvation Army poster advertising the Southern Star Concert which will be an ANZAC tribute.
  • Out.  Nil
  • Reports.
  • Welfare.  L. Fisher detailed the welfare team activity for March and advised the Bowling Club bus was unserviceable and would not be available to transport veterans on ANZAC Day. Anyone requiring transport to and/or from the ANZAC Day services should contact her to receive a taxi voucher.
  • Appeals.  David Wilkinson reported that all ANZAC Day stock and signage had been received.  David thanked Tony for helping with distribution of stock into the various boxes.  Tony in turn thanked Martin for his assistance.  The boxes, tables and chairs are now set to go and will be passed to Kel and Graeme for roll out next Tuesday. David also advised that not all the ordered stock had been received and they had rationed the $10 Dog Handler Badge. David also displayed an ANZAC themed decorative tablecloth had been included with the four main sales boxes. The Lifestyle Retirement Village OG had also requested a sales box which will be delivered to their premises.  A banner and box of badges for sale had also been placed in the foyer of OG Bowling Club.
  • Appeals Roster. Peter Cail that all rosters had been filled. Peter also advised there was no need to log hours in Better Impact as this would be done automatically. A total of 80 volunteers had filled 132 shift positions, 59 RSL members filling 105 shifts and 21 VIEW ladies filling 27 shift positions.
  • Ceremonial. Nil report. However, the Chairman mentioned that ANZAC Day posters were being distributed advertising the various ANZAC Day ceremonies.
  • Public Relations.  J. Dickinson reported it was time that another Newsletter be produced and timed for post ANZAC Day. He asked that articles for inclusion should be forwarded to him. He mentioned that many Club cards had been produced and were in the distribution process. However, the Club had run out of cards so anyone not receiving their card would continue to use the expired card pending arrival of the new one.There had been discussion between Tony and John in regard to the provision of a plaque with the Long Pine Seedling.  Initial discussion with the company doing the work on the wall was that a brass plaque would be about $1500 and a granite plaque about $500. Further investigation and discussion required as well as the investigation of alternative display methods. John also advised that he and Kel would present the ANZAC Day trophy at the Barwon Heads GC on 27 April.
  • Pensions.  B. Scott reported that he had attended a Pensions Officer RPL session in Bendigo last Tuesday. He is still in the process of filling out the questionnaire but should be qualified in the first two levels. He will also need to do the Mentoring component some time in the future in Geelong. Bob also advised that himself, Tony Woolley and Kristen Dillon (under training) are available for Pensions support. Lola advised that we will also need to consider training another Welfare Officer as she did not intend to continue in the welfare role beyond the 2020 AGM. Bob also stated that the Government announced new card and lapel pin was causing some confusion. It was not a replacement for the DVA issued white and gold cards, but was in addition to those. Its intent, together with the lapel pin, was to highlight veterans service. The government hoped businesses would embrace the new card and pin and offer holders discounts on their goods and services.
  • Report Acceptance. Acceptance of the reports was moved by W. Gee and seconded by R. Barry.           
  • New Business
  • Presentation of 50 Year Certificate.  The President mentioned the RSL service of Graham Fisher including his time in various roles on the RSL Sub-Branch committee. He then presented him with his 50 Year Certificate to the warm applause of those present.
  • Raffle. A total of $140 was collected for the sale of raffle tickets. The $70 prize was won by the Tilley family.
  • Next Meeting. The next General meetingis scheduled for Monday 20 May 2019 commencing at 1400 hours
  • Closure. There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 1432hrs.