The Ritual is a last tribute to ex-service men and women who served their Country, The Commonwealth and their fellow members of the RSL.

The Funeral Ritual will only be conducted with the express consent of the relatives of the deceased member.      Contact   John Dickinson 0409 432331 or Tony Wheal 0438 300675 and provide us with brief details of where and when the funeral service will be held as well as undertaker and clergy or celebrant contact details, and we will do the rest. Obviously the earlier we can be advised, the more thorough our preparations can be.

It is also important to recognise that your loved one need not have been an RSL member for a Funeral  Ritual  to be delivered.

Rituals are tailored to the category of service of the deceased, i.e. there are differing Rituals delivered for;

  • For former members who have returned from Active Service.
  • For former members who have not been on Active Service.

The Ritual reference is the RSL document titled “Funeral Rituals for RSL Members“.



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