21 Jul

Guitar for Vets Australia is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of ailing and injured military Veterans by providing them with free guitars and music instruction. Our primary focus is using the healing power of music to help our Veterans. Whether we agree or disagree with the decision to go to war, one thing is for certain, there are men and women who bravely fight for and honourably represent our country. As a consequence of war, many of our soldiers come home with physical and emotional injuries. THEY NEED OUR HELP.
Guitars for Vets Australia provide ten free private guitar lessons.  We seek out guitar instructors that can gently assist the Veteran to learn the basic chords and to play at least three songs. The private lessons are taught by paid or volunteer instructors and are then followed by group sessions, wherever possible, that provide a forum for the Veterans to talk and play music with like-minded individuals, many of whom have had the same experiences, emotions and traumas. The music sessions provide a communal atmosphere. Music has proven to be a catalyst that helps the Veteran continue on their road to recovery and well-being.
The Veterans can be of any age or from any service or conflict zone.
Guitars for Veterans Australia relies on the community for donations whether it is cash, guitars or a location for tuition.
Please visit our site on: and onFaceBook “Guitars4Vets” Australia, or contact direct :  Mick Jim Mavromatis 0438843254


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